A YEAR OF WATER IN BAHRAIN | Program 2019-2020

A YEAR OF WATER IN BAHRAIN | Program 2019-2020


On the occasion of its co-organization and hosting in February of 2020 of the conference “Water in the MENA Region: Preparing for a Changing World”, the University of Bahrain brings to the public of the Kingdom of Bahrain a series of water-themed events, public projects and water-related exhibitions in a program entitled “A Year of Water” in the Kingdom of BAHRAIN.
This ongoing series of events, which will be organized both by the University and also in partnership with other collaborators, will serve to broaden the mission and scope of the conference. Complimenting the objectives of Future Earth MENA Regional Center – that of seeking the involvement to the largest extent possible of stakeholders from multiple sectors – it is hoped that the varied events of this Program will bring attention to important local and regional water issues and likewise, engage all areas of society in Bahrain in a conversation around a subject that is of such great consequence in the MENA region and globally.


Program Events 2019 - 2020

Organized by the University of Bahrain to involve the younger citizens of the country, the first “Year of Water” event, “Water and Our Youth” took place on the 11th of July and marked the official inauguration of the University’s water Program. It was hosted at the Sharifa Alawadhi Children and Youth Club, an organization affiliated to the Ministry of Labour & Social Development, which provides cultural, educational, social and recreational services for children.

Sharifa ALAWADHI Children and Youth Club

Held under the patronage of H.E. Jameel Bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, Minister of Labour & Social Development, the objective of this afternoon of art was to create a participatory event in which youth between the ages 7-15 could think about the subject of water and create original artwork around three proposed topics:
· Water and the Home
· Water and the Environment
· Sharing Water

“Environment & Sustainable Development Week”

Events at the University of Bahrain

Visit by Prof. Manfred A. Lange, Director, Future Earth MENA Regional Center

  • Seminar: Future Earth MENA Regional Center: Addressing Pressing Challenges in the MENA Region

  • Workshop: Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation/Adaptation Options for the Middle East and Bahrain



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