Connecting projects which address the global water crisis & related topics

ACTIVATE aims to connect art, culture, politics, ecology, and create cross-disciplinary projects that engage with important global issues such as the water crisis, climate change, food security, and other related topics. Through connection and exchange with other voices around the world, our aim is to bring these discussions to a wider audience within and beyond the art world, and to build a strong network of collaborators for the future.


Please feel free to contact us regarding:

  • activist art projects that are in some way water or food related
  • links to water-activism nonprofits or artist’s websites
  • inquiries for partnerships or collaborations with ACTIVATE
  • submission of new ideas for texts on water for possible future publication
  • additions to one of our existing DISCUSSIONS on water
  • personal stories on any water-related topic for our ‘Coming to Water’ Essays Issue

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Banner image: Alfredo Jaar's 'Geography = War' (1991), installation at Pohang City Museum of Art, 2015